Five thousand years ago, the god of death fell into the Candlelight Sea.

The islands were littered with his bones and the waters became a
haunted wasteland – the final resting place of a swarm of hungry ghosts. Those few who survived the cataclysm now cower behind the glow of sacred lighthouses, fearing the deadly oceans beyond.

Phantomarine is the story of three souls seeking peace in this broken world – a dead princess hoping to restore her life; a sick boy trying to prove his courage; and the banished death god himself, seeking to repair both his body and his dignity.

The Author

Claire Niebergall is an American animator living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Phantomarine combines her love of creepy-ghosty things and her love of all things ocean-related – with a heavy dose of heartfelt humor to offset the spookiness. When not drawing, clicking buttons, or sleeping, she can be found near bodies of water, on hiking trails, or hunting down the perfect plate of eggs benedict.