Phantomarine is a spooky-but-sweet fantasy webcomic about a ghostly princess and her perilous journey across a haunted sea, hoping to save her soul from a devious, shapeshifting death god known as the Red Tide King.
Expect all manner of maritime mysteries – monstrous sea creatures, sacred lighthouses, strange afflictions, accursed marauders, feuding gods, grand sea battles, and a heaping helping of humor in-between!

The Author

Claire Niebergall is an American animator living in Vancouver, British Columbia. By day, she’s worked on some major Hollywood films, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Detective Pikachu and yes, even Sausage Party. By night, she writes and illustrates her own comic projects. Phantomarine combines her love of creepy-ghosty things and her love of all things oceanic. When not drawing, clicking buttons, or sleeping, she can be found near bodies of water, on hiking trails, or hunting down the perfect plate of eggs benedict.