The Highborn Banshee

The future leader of the Royal Marine Navy, Phaedra would have led her powerful island nation as both a queen and an admiral, following in the footsteps of her late father – but her naïvete and inexperience made her the target of a successful assassination.
Unwilling to die without a fight, the stubborn princess challenges the god of death to win back her life, risking the fate of her soul – but playing games with immortals rarely leads to good outcomes…


The Red Tide King

God of death and king of the haunted sea. Anyone who dies may challenge Cheth for a chance to return to life – but all who fail are added to his vast collection of souls.
With his original body destroyed, Cheth only exists by possessing ghosts like a parasite – able to adopt the form, voice, and skills of any dead spirit who has ever failed to defeat him. Boasting an ever-growing library of stolen identities, this vain and arrogant god remains undefeated … but not invincible.


The Horizon Child

A curious and cheerful seabitten boy. Pavel is forever marked by the pale scar of a seaghost’s bite, but with his mother’s guidance, his trauma has spawned fascination instead of phobia. He is enamored by the sea – its beauty, history, and creatures – and pities seaghosts more than he fears them (for better or for worse).
Despite his kindness and optimism, stern whispers about the seabitten follow Pavel wherever he goes. Are those who have ventured beyond the Horizon Line still cursed by its darkness?


The Phantom Legion

The deceased inhabitants of the Candlelight Sea. All dead spirits are sent to dwell under the water’s surface, where their consciousness decays away and turns them into blank-eyed, doll-like ghosts.
Seaghosts feed on any living soul that wanders into their midst, and their bites have devastating effects. They can only be kept at bay by a special kind of light, generated by the many lighthouses found across the Sea. Should a lighthouse fail, anyone within its reach will be at the mercy of legions of hungry undead souls…

And more to come…