Book Cover Preview
Posted January 9, 2023 at 9:00 am

Hehe, I was wondering how well it would blend with the website background. Sweet.

Hi all - thank you for your patience with the emergency break!

I'm (very, VERY) hard at work on the book, but I wanted to show a preview of the cover as a small treat.

In spite of the time crunch, it's progressing well and I've gotten some wonderful help with edits from Hiveworks. Just a few things left to iron out and a couple more extras to add (some things you've never seen before!), and it should be off to the printers at the start of February or sooner.

It will be a 200-ish page softcover edition of the first four chapters (chapter five is too chunky to add to a softcover book, but a future hardcover... maybe!), plus a gallery of character designs and art. ECCC convention-goers will get the book first, just because time is so short, but I will get any leftovers down to the Hivemill store afterward. So if you can't get the book immediately, do not fret! I will be reprinting them all throughout the spring, and will get them to you somehow. Your patience will be rewarded, I promise.

Will continue to keep you posted, but for now... please stare at the art. Stare at it!

Hope you're having a good 2023 so far - cheers~