6.98 Eyes Everywhere
Posted July 18, 2024 at 9:00 am




This time I have no special hiatus activities planned, because I'm very tired and need to rest. Like PROPERLY rest 😅 If you want to coordinate a project of your own - zines, writing prompts, animation jams, etc - you have my blessing!

I will be bringing the comic back later in the year - probably November/December. Next chapter we go back to the Mantaluna crew - they've got a quest to fulfill! Thank you all for being patient with this chapter - I hope it was worth the slowness here and there. I have fallen in (terrible, terrible) love with Cheline as a character, and I hope you have too.

In the meantime, I will be doing some end-of-chapter lore pages - but I'll take my time with them. I also have a mini-comic coming in August - I'll post it here then. It's the 'response' to Anathema. I'll let you imagine what color scheme it will have :)

Some places to hang out in the meantime:

🔹 Tumblr has become a hotbed for Phantomarine fan stuff in the last year, so I would recommend hanging out there for a steady influx of fan art and theories. There is a growing fan-run Community there as well - you can join it HERE!

🔹 AO3 has a collection of fanfic to read - mind the ratings and tags and have fun!

🔹 The official Discord is almost always hopping, too. I'm there a lot, and there are 600 of us there now. Come join the party!

🔹 And I'll be sharing page/art/design previews on Patreon when I can. Feel free to unsubscribe or downgrade your subscription while regular page updates aren't active - I don't want to hold that over your head. But if you want to stay on board and feed me smoothies as I work on more pages, thank you so much - I'll share previews of my work whenever I can. I'll see what other goodies I can provide as well.

See you all a bit later in 2024. Cheers, and thank you again for all of your support!