5.100 The Thousand and Three Pieces
Posted July 10, 2022 at 9:00 am

Thank you all so much for reading Phantomarine.

The comic will return in the fall - most likely in October. This was a very long chapter, and I'm in dire need of some rest - but Chapter 6 is already in production! Too bad I have to design an entire city for it... which will take a bit more time upfront. But it is coming... it is coming... 👀 The first act of the comic is done, and the second act is all fun and games - let the adventure really begin!

As always, please join our DISCORD to keep up with any news/previews during the hiatus, and to discuss any theories you can't get out of your brain.

Some bits of news before I head out:

  • Hiveworks has started planning a release for the FIRST PRINTED VOLUME of the comic - hopefully to be crowdfunded sometime later this year or early next. So please tell people about Phantomarine! Get the word out! Yell about it! The audience has grown so much thanks to all of you sharing it with friends and fellow comic readers. I'll try and put together a very shiny book for all of you in return.
  • Instead of soliciting guest art this year, I'm going to open up a CHARACTER/AUTHOR ASK FORM! If you want to ask me a question about the world - or ask a character a question about themselves - I might doodle a little answer for you. Might do one or two of these a week to refresh myself between pages. I won't be able to answer all of them - but I'll go for ones that tickle my brain and could be fun to draw. I'll include the submission form on the last of the post-chapter lore notes tomorrow, so start thinking of some questions!
  • Speaking of which, there are some LORE NOTES coming tomorrow, as is tradition. Stop on by for some extra fun!

So yeah, come back every so often to check this place out. Sign up to the RSS feed if you really want moment-to-moment updates, but no pressure. Thank you all again for reading this webcomic, and for giving me a year of incredible joy - have a wonderful rest of your summer, and I'll see you in the fall!