5.40 Nicer Than Expected
Posted December 17, 2021 at 9:00 am

Time for an intervention.

Whatever Cheth's idea of an intervention is.


Oh no.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Phantomarine will be taking a two week break for the holidays after the next page. My buffer has been depleted a bit due to extra work at my day job (I'm a full-time animator! it's... a lot!), and I want to bring it back up a bit before getting into the next few scenes. Then there will be no breaks until the end of this chapter. This volume. This whole first act! You have my word.

Don't worry, though. We leave on a page I've been planning for years. Ohoho!

Thank you all for being so lovely recently. I am a very tired clam, but you make me a happy clam.

Pages will return on Monday January 3!


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