5.46 Spy Kid
Posted January 17, 2022 at 9:00 am

Those who wish Pavel could stay... hehe. You kinda get your wish!

In other news, a friend's webcomic is joining Hiveworks today, and I'd love to send you all over to check it out!

An alien post-apocalypse, overgrown environments, urban exploration... and elf-adjacent sci-fi magic... OH, and a brand new chapter starting up right away! It also has a massive buffer that has very low chance of going on hiatus anytime soon. This is something you can really sink your teeth into!

Don't read any more of Phantomarine today - go read WYCHWOOD, by Varethane!

"Over twenty years after the world was invaded and then rescued from a terrifying alien force, humanity has begun to master the strange magic their enemy left behind. After spearheading the wartime research efforts, an organization called Wychwood has become the leading authority on magic and is aggressively hunting for new things to study.

This is kind of a bad thing for Tiara, a delinquent who has been using a mysterious power to goof around for years without realizing the kind of attention it could attract."