6.14 The Darkened Theater
Posted December 16, 2022 at 9:00 am

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your kind words on the last page! I do think I'll end up pausing pages in January, just to have ultimate peace of mind during the book prepress process. There's a nice stopping point a couple weeks from now, so I think I'll hop out then and return in early February. But until the end of the month, we're putting the FUN in funeral. Thank you so much again - you'll have a beautiful book in exchange for your time, I promise!

Back to business - this page had a little help on it from my lovely boyfriend, who gave me some crowd assistance while I got extra busy at work. It's my first time asking for any help on the art, but he hopped in and make my life a lot easier. He may be popping in over the next few pages to say hello. But as you might have seen on Twitter, he can be a bit of a whimsical gremlin. 

Wait... oh no... what's this?!