6.22 The Acting Queen
Posted March 6, 2023 at 9:00 am


What an incredible convention in every way. Thank you so much for dropping by if you did! I sold 48 books and traded 2 for others' books - I am returning home with only my emergency copies I brought from Vancouver.

To those who visited my table to get goodies, bring gifts, say kind things about the comic, or even cosplay (!!!), thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you. I am full of joy and am now bursting with excitement for the next con. Which will be TCAF in April!

I'm also trying to decide between dropping books online, or doing a Kickstarter in May/June to drum up even more interest and find more readers. My table partner has convinced me to at least consider it, knowing how much I sold this weekend. I'd promise extremely quick fulfillment - given that the book is already finished. Would you all be willing to wait a tiny bit longer to hopefully get it into more hands - including yours?