6.57 The Workshop
Posted December 4, 2023 at 9:00 am

... W e l p.


In other news, today Phantomarine starts being mirrored on Webtoon! I don't have a link for it because I'll be sleeping when it goes up (and Webtoon links have big scary numbers in them) but hopefully you'll be able to search for it and find it. I'll update here with a link once I wake up.

If something went wrong with it... I dunno, get your nearest Canadian friend to go throw something at my window.

EDIT: I am awake now, HERE IS THE LINK!

If you or a friend prefer would prefer reading in scrollable chunks, go take a look and see how it feels. You might see other Hiveworks comics start popping up there too, so please give them some love! Getting eyes on our stuff is harder than ever, and we're finally allowed to crosspost to make up for it. Thank you for your support!