6.69 Old and Tired
Posted February 26, 2024 at 9:00 am


L A U N C H ? ? ?

(maybe the ship should immediately sink, for all our sakes)


Some housekeeping stuff!

The Jeff Plush Kickstarter is ongoing! 200% funded and going strong. 

I'm also part of another Kickstarter project - Death & Decay, an art zine about the beautiful horror of what remains after we pass. I'm in it with some wonderful friends, some who have webcomics of their own, so please check it out! (my piece is technically Phantomarine-related... ohoho)


And finally, thanks to a fan contribution, Phantomarine: Volume One is now on GoodReads! If you'd like to leave a rating or a review, this is now the place for it. Thank you!