6.83 Tell Me Why
Posted June 3, 2024 at 9:00 am

"Clearly he beat me at Smash Bros."


An announcement!

I am tentatively... TENTATIVELY... TENTATIVELY... going to post 2x a week going forward to the end of the chapter. I'm currently between animation jobs, and with the Jeff Plush Kickstarter fulfilled, I have the time and energy to push ahead with pages on a regular basis. I can't promise a Phantobomb like last time, because my buffer is still not amazing, BUT I can offer a compromise. I'm getting pleasantly impatient to end the chapter anyway, so I want to try! If I need to skip a Friday because of illness or other trouble, I will let you know.

Come back on Friday for a new page - and see you every Monday and Friday until Ch 6 finishes~